Behind the Scenes Donor List

Please join these generous contributors who are helping the entertainment technology industry to care for our own. You can make a contribution online or send it to Behind the Scenes, 630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 609, New York, NY 10036.

Behind the Scenes wishes to acknowledge the tremendous ongoing support of ESTA and the Long Reach Long Riders.

To see the donors of any given category, click on the category name below:

  • Betsy Adams and Bob Murphy
  • Kelly Britt
  • Kacey Coffin and Moe Conn
  • Tracey Cosgrove and Mark McKinney
  • Chuck Hart
  • Brian Lawlor
  • Duncan Mahoney
  • Zoe Paine
  • Rocky Paulson
  • Lori Rubinstein and John McGraw
  • Marsha Stern
  • Samantha Mayberry & Drew Wending