Individual Pledge Partner Program

The best programs are the ones that keep on giving

The BTS Individual Pledge Partner program provides a great way to support the charity and give back to your industry on an ongoing basis through the creative work that you do. Do you offer design services, have you authored a book, do you speak or teach, are you an artist or photographer or craftsperson?

How does the program work?

This program is designed for individuals who are not a principal in a business entity, or if they are, the activity/creation is not a part of the business entity’s regular income. To participate, you designate an activity or creative undertaking to benefit Behind the Scenes and pledge a portion of the fees or profits to the charity.

How is the donation structured?

Behind the Scenes works with each participant to structure an arrangement that works best for you. You may choose to make your donation or the percentage publicly known by including information in materials promoting your activity/creation or you may choose to keep that private. You may issue payment to the charity at whatever schedule is most convenient for you. Current participants range from a monthly to an annual basis.

To discuss your participation, please contact Emily Drew at [email protected] or 716 221 4533.