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What is a Ghostlight Group?

A Ghostlight Group is a collection of individuals who gather to raise money by doing what they enjoy. These groups are comprised of volunteers looking to raise both awareness and funds, through an activity or event, to benefit Behind the Scenes. Their activity or event might be skiing, golfing, riding, quilting, a book club, movie nights or any number of things people do in their precious spare time. The decision of what is left to those organizing the group, but more important is that those volunteers have a why; an affinity for the BTS mission, and a desire to create community.

How does the program work?

The details of the program are quite simple; ahead of events or activities Ghostlight Groups identify their fundraising goal in support of Behind the Scenes. Volunteers then perform outreach to potential group members, sponsors, and donors. Behind the Scenes assists by providing each group with a personalized logo, sample planning and outreach materials, and donation landing pages. In addition to physical resources, BTS staff will help guide volunteer leaders throughout the process as each Ghostlight Group is formed and events are held.

How can I start a Ghostlight Group?

If you’re interested in starting a group and would like to speak with our Ghostlight Group Guru, Emily Drew, to receive our toolkit please fill in your information below:

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