Supporting Mental Health and Wellness


Suicide Prevention

BeThe1To Help Save a Life

  • Know the warning signs
  • 5 steps to help keep someone safe
  • Practical guidance and examples
  • Posters and wallet cards available
Alcohol and Substance Use

Resources for your questions about alcohol and substance use and abuse

  • Do I have a problem?
  • Concern for someone else?
  • What can I do?

Webinar on understanding substance use and abuse in the entertainment industry

Stop Bullying


  • What are bullying and harassment?
  • Are you being bullied?
  • Bystander intervention
  • What can I/we do?
  • Sample policy
  • Cyberbullying resources 

Webinar on bystander intervention in the entertainment workplace

Finding a Therapist

Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder – find a therapist that understands what you do for a living

Questions to help choose a provider

Toolbox Talks

Sample language on mental wellness for the workplace

More Resources

Mental Health Screenings – check in for yourself or someone you care about

One Sheets – information to make it easier to identify and understand common issues

External Resources


Mental Health First Aid

United States


    • AFC – public and private classes for all entertainment workers
    • Revelios – private classes for the music industry
Bystander Intervention

Learn how to safely intervene in this free 90 minute webinar on bystander intervention in the entertainment workplace

About the Initiative

Steering Committee

See who has created this initiative and why

2019 Industry-Wide Survey

See the results of the survey which has informed our work

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