Apply for a Counseling Grant

Be sure you meet our eligibility requirements

Our Mental Health Initiative also offers many tools and resources that may be of help.

How do I apply for a Counseling Grant?

Complete the Counseling Grant Application which asks basic information about you, your time in the industry, and your monthly income and expenses. Please note, Counseling Grants are available only to entertainment technology professionals.

You will be asked to provide documentation that you have earned your living in the industry for at least five years, and a copy of your most recent bank statement. All documentation must be provided in PDF format. If it is not, it may delay the processing of your application. You can easily scan your documents with your phone using a free app like Adobe Scan which is available in the App Store for iOS or Android.

An application may be submitted on behalf of an eligible person by a spouse or domestic partner, family member, a legal guardian or a person acting under a valid power of attorney or other legal authority. In extreme situations an application may be submitted by a close friend or colleague on behalf of the eligible person.

The Counseling Grant Application is in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat Reader may be obtained free at Download the fillable PDF form and:

  • Fill in digitally, save and email along with supporting documentation to [email protected], or
  • Print, complete, and mail to P.O. Box 368, Lakeville, CT 06039, or

The form may also be obtained by calling 212-244-1421 or emailing [email protected]

How are applications reviewed and how quickly can I expect an answer?

Applications are reviewed by a formal Review Committee. Grant decisions are generally made within a few days of receiving a completed application. If a grant is awarded, you will be contacted immediately.

How are Counseling Grants structured?

The grant may be used to initiate or support ongoing counseling with a licensed mental health professional. Behind the Scenes will work directly with your counseling provider to arrange a payment plan. It is important that you check with the provider to ensure they will accept funds from the charity. If you are beginning counseling with a new provider you may want the funds issued on a per visit basis so that you have the flexibility to change providers if you find your initial choice isn’t working well for you. Grants must start to be used within three months of being awarded.

Funds are also available for individuals entering an in-patient or intensive out-patient recovery program or those experiencing an emergency in-patient mental health event.

How are Counseling Grants paid out?

Payments are made directly to a licensed mental health professional, mental health facility, emergency medical facility, or chemical dependency recovery facility. Unlicensed providers are not considered eligible.

Grant recipients will need to put Behind the Scenes in touch with their provider to arrange payment. Behind the Scenes will not request any information other than dates of service.