The Lightpower Neal Preston Collection

Neal Preston has spent more than 40 years capturing rock and roll, with unprecedented access to musicians ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Led Zeppelin, Mick Jagger to Queen, both on and off the stage. Considered one its’ greatest chroniclers, Neal has built up the most extensive body of work in rock and roll history.

The Lightpower Collection represents the passion Ralph-Jörg Wezorke and Lightpower have for both Neal’s artistry and rock and roll. Once they decided to share the collection with the public, they agreed that proceeds from the sales of fine art prints, books, and souvenirs would be donated to charity.

At the opening reception, attended by over 350 people, Ralph presented the Lightpower Neal Preston donation of $25,000 to Behind the Scenes. Ralph explained, “We chose to support Behind the Scenes because without the passion and professionalism of the crews that make these shows possible, none of what is designed, manufactured or sold would have meaning. These are the people who use the tools we give them to bring what the artists envision to life. For that creative vision to come true in the technical way involves a lot people, hard work and energy from the craftsmen. Sometimes they are too passionate about what they do and they forget to take care of themselves and we, as an industry, need to take care of them. Behind the Scenes makes it possible for us to do that.”

Taking the microphone, Neal told the crowd, “I’ve been on a lot of rock tours, I’ve traveled around the world more times than I can remember and I know without question- there is nobody on this planet – nobody – who works harder than a roadie on a big rock and roll tour. It’s astounding when you go to a concert and you see the stage…. how on earth does that get done? It’s these guys – who don’t get paid a lot of money, or get hardly any sleep, but with a love of the music they carry the flame and get the job done. These are the guys that really make it happen and when they are in need it’s great to have Behind the Scenes to help them because without them none of those concerts would have existed. It’s very important and very worthwhile and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Neal Preston‘s photographs have appeared in every conceivable media outlet…on the covers and pages of world-class magazines and newspapers, to books, television shows, feature films, Broadway show programs and billboards, vinyl, CD and DVD packages…literally everywhere. His client list is a virtual who‘s-who of rock royalty. His archive, a body of work spanning over four decades, is regarded as one of the music industry‘s most extensive and significant photo collections. It was the key source of photographs for VH-1‘s acclaimed‚ ”Behind the Music‘‘ documentary series, providing over one thousand still photos used in 50 episodes.

The Lightpower Collection is exhibited around the world in a variety of venues and formats and continues to support the work of Behind the Scenes. The charity is very grateful to Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, Giulia Calani and everyone at the Lightpower Collection and, of course, Neal Preston, for their ongoing commitment to Behind the Scenes.

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