Cause Marketing Policy

Behind the Scenes encourages industry companies and organizations to engage in cause marketing campaigns to benefit the charity. Cause marketing involves the cooperative efforts of any business, group or activity and this organization for mutual benefit. The Behind the Scenes Pledge-of Support program is an example of cause marketing, as is the use of the names or marks of Behind the Scenes in connection with any fundraising solicitation or other activity.

Below are some guidelines for anyone wishing to engage in a cause marketing campaign to benefit Behind the Scenes:

  1. You must notify Behind the Scenes of your intent and receive written (emailed) permission from the Executive Director prior to announcing your campaign. All proposed cause marketing campaigns are reviewed and approved by designated Behind the Scenes Foundation Board Members. Until permission is received, the use of the Behind the Scenes name or logo is strictly prohibited.
  2. You must submit any materials, emails, posts, etc. using the Behind the Scenes name and logo to BTS in advance of publication for approval.
  3. You may not use the Behind the Scenes logo or name for any political purpose.
  4. Behind the Scenes’ willingness to engage in a cause marketing campaign does not imply any endorsement of your company’s product or services.

Behind the Scenes does not sell, loan or distribute its mailing or email list to any company or individual.

To discuss a cause marketing campaign, please contact Lori Rubinstein at 212-244-1421 or [email protected].