Apply for a Basic Needs Grant

How do I apply for a grant?

You must complete the Basic Needs Application which requires such information as a letter from your doctor or other documentation of your diagnosis, proof of at least five years of work history, detailed financial information, a current bank statement, and copies of your 2 most recent tax returns. Additional items that are helpful to the Review Committee include a cover letter explaining your stituation and copies of bills you are seeking assistance with.

An application may be submitted on behalf of an eligible person by a spouse or domestic partner, a legal guardian or a person acting under a valid power of attorney or other legal authority. In extreme situations an application may be submitted by a close friend or colleague on behalf of the eligible person.

The Basic Needs Application is in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat Reader may be obtained free at

The form may be filled in on-line, saved and emailed to [email protected] or printed and then faxed (646-713-2308) or mailed (630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 609, New York, NY 10036) to Behind the Scenes, with the required supporting documentation.¬†The form may also be obtained by calling 212-244-1421 or emailing [email protected].

How are applications reviewed and how quickly can I expect an answer?

Applications are reviewed by a formal Review Committee. Grant decisions are generally made within a few days of receiving a completed application. You may receive a telephone call from a member of the Review Committee or their representative if there are further questions about your situation. If a grant is awarded, you will be contacted immediately to coordinate delivery of the grant.

Checks must be made payable directly to service providers and can be sent direclty to the provider or to the recipient for distribution. You will be asked to submit receipts for the expenses paid by the grant. All funds awarded must be used within three months unless special arrangements are made upon award of the grant.