What is a Ghostlight

  • a single lamp placed on stage to keep the theatre from being in total darkness after everyone’s gone.
  • a safety light.
  • a light to provide illumination for the “theatre ghosts”.
  • a light to ensure good luck by always having the stage illuminated.
  • a light to keep ghosts from taking up residence in a “dark” theatre.
  • a low cost way to keep the stage illuminated for the comings and goings of theatre personnel when a show is not being conducted.
  • a light to keep resident ghosts company and happy during long dark nights.
  • a symbol to all that theatre people take care of their own, even when there isn’t a show.

Download an AutoCAD drawing of a ghostlight. The Elevation and Plan views are each Layer Zero Blocks so they can be dropped into any drawing. Courtesy of Bryan Ackler.

The Behind the Scenes ghostlight is manufacturerd by Altman Lighting. To order call 303-500-7072 or email [email protected].