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Quarterly Bystander Intervention Webinars

Learn How to Safely Intervene to Stop Workplace Bullying


The Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative is partnering with the social justice organization Right to Be in offering free, virtual webinars training entertainment industry professionals to safely intervene during instances of bullying or harassment in the workplace. The 2024 Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Industry webinars will be held on January 22nd, April 21st and July 22nd. The webinars, sponsored by the IATSE, are free but pre-registration is required at

Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Industry is offered through the Mental Health Initiative’s Stop Bullying campaign. The campaign was launched 2021 in response to bullying, harassment, and intimidation being common workplace stressors throughout the entertainment industry. Attendees of the webinars leave the trainings equipped to safely intervene using the tools they have learned if they witness disrespect or harassment at work.

The Stop Bullying campaign also provides additional resources to assist industry professionals in reducing harassment and intimidation in the workplace. These resources include a poster to raise awareness of words, actions and behaviors that constitute bullying; information for those who are targets of, or bystanders to bullying behavior; information to empower individuals to Be Informed, Be Aware, Show Support, and Take Action; and a sample policy and procedures to identify, investigate and resolve instances of bullying, harassment or intimidation and to provide support to those who experience these behaviors.

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Become a Certified Mental Health First Aider

Make a Difference in 2024
Become a Certified Mental Health First Aider!

Mental Health First Aid Training Classes are posted monthly on the Behind the Scenes website at Do you know how to respond if you see someone who is deeply depressed, having a anxiety attack, or showing signs of alcoholism? Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis.

Mental Health First Aid takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations with someone you are worried about by teaching you how to recognize the signs and symptoms, how to listen non judgmentally and give reassurance, and how to refer that person to appropriate professional support and services.

The course is delivered in two parts. The first is a 2 hour self-paced online course that must be completed prior to the second part which is a 6 hour virtual live instructor led session. Go to to learn more and to select the date and time you wish to attend the virtual live session. Upon completing the course you will become a certified Mental Health First Aider which is valid for three years.

The registration fee is $125. IATSE Members and those working under IATSE agreements may be eligible for Training Trust Fund reimbursement upon proof of successful completion of the course. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available to individuals not eligible for reimbursement. Private group classes of 10 -25 are available – contact [email protected] for information. Training for Canadians is available through the AFC at

You’ll learn about the risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use problems including information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and substance use; the 5-step ALGEE action plan to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or is in crisis, and the available evidence-based professional, peer and self-help resources.

Make 2024 the year you took an active role in helping to care for those you work with. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your skill sets by learning how to identify, understand and respond to signs of distress in your colleagues and help make our workplaces healthier and safer spaces for all. Visit to see all the available tools and resources.

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BTS Seeks Therapist Recommendations

BTS Seeks Therapist Recommendations for the
Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder

EITF Call for Therapists 700

In Fall 2019, the Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative conducted an online survey to better gauge the mental health needs of entertainment industry members. BTS received an unprecedented response highlighting their experience and a common complaint was how difficult it is to find a therapist who knows anything about the entertainment industry’s unique culture, rigors and stressors.

In response, BTS created the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder (EITF) specifically for our community of industry colleagues. The Finder only includes mental health professionals who have personal experience in our industry and/or have worked with entertainment industry professionals and are familiar with their unique pressures.

To make this program an even more valuable resource for the industry, we need your help. If you or a family member know of a mental health professional you think will add value to the Finder, please send their name and email to [email protected] and BTS will provide them with information and sign-up details.

Mental health professionals who register with the EITF will complete a questionnaire that includes areas of specialty, payment/fees (sliding scale and insurance), and virtual or in-person sessions. This ensures those seeking counseling find the best possible match for their needs.

To access the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder go to Visit to see all the available tools and resources in our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.

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The LRLR Raffle and BTS at USITT 2024

The LRLR Raffle and BTS Mental Health Initiative at USITT 2024

The Long Reach Long Riders and Behind the Scenes will host their annual fundraising raffle at the USITT Conference March 20-23 in Seattle, WA. The Long Reach Long Riders annual charity motorcycle ride has raised over $1,000,000 for charity throughout the last two decades. The 2024 ride will be held June 15-22 exploring the cryptids of West Virginia.

The Behind the Scenes Boutique will also be open for business during the show featuring an assortment of industry-themed decorations and jewelry and the famous Long Reach Long Rider kazoos and T-shirts.

The booth will feature the Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative which provides tools and resources to support entertainment industry workers and promote mental health and wellness. Posters with information on suicide prevention, bullying and harassment, alcohol and substance misuse, and more will be available.

Tickets for the raffle are an affordable $5 each or 5 for $20 and can be purchased at the Behind the Scenes booth throughout the show. Winning tickets for nine regular prizes and one grand prize will be drawn at 1pm on Saturday, the final day of Stage Expo.

The prizes, provided by our generous donors, are: Grand Prize, Spotlight with Renderworks from Vectorworks; Ghostlight from Altman Lighting; Visa Gift Card from Barbizon; North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2024 Registration from ESTA; Event Safety Summit 2024 Registration from the Event Safety Alliance; Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Milk Frother from IA Stage; ETCNomad Education Edition with Gadget II from Musson Theatrical; $250 Gift Certificate from Sapsis Rigging; Online CM-ET Basic Motor Course from Showtech Australia; and a USITT 2025 Full Conference Registration from USITT.

 For more information about the Long Reach Long Riders, visit

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ETC Makes Notable Donation to BTS at LDI

ETC Makes Notable Donation to Behind the Scenes at LDI

ETC presented Behind the Scenes with a check for $13,000 at last year’s LDI Conference and Tradeshow representing the additional 2023 proceeds from sales of the company’s iRFR and aRFR (Radio Focus Remote) applications. Since the launch of the iRFR app in 2009, ETC’s mobile app sales have generated over half a million dollars in donations to the charity.

The iRFR and aRFR mobile apps enable convenient, touchscreen-based remote control for Eos family consoles and controllers. You can learn more about the apps from the ETC website and download them from the iTunes or Google Play stores. 

Upon presenting the check, Kirk Starks, ETC Marketing Product Manager said, “We’re overwhelmed by the generosity of our customers. They enable ETC to be their vehicle of support for such an impactful organization year after year. Without them, this donation would not be possible.”

Tobin Neis accepted the check on behalf of the Behind the Scenes Board of Directors. Tobin commented, “We are grateful to the employee owners of ETC for their generosity in donating the proceeds from the iRFR and aRFR apps purchased by ETC control users world-wide. Their donations have been instrumental in providing vital support for our colleagues in need through Behind the Scenes’ Basic Needs and Counseling Grants, and helping expand the BTS Mental Health Initiative.”

Learn more about joining the Pledge-of-Support Program by naming a product or service to support the charity.

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HGLD and Evoke Support BTS

HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative Continue to Support BTS

Lighting Designer Herrick Goldman, principal of HG Lighting Design, and Kara O’Grady of Evoke Collaborative recently presented Behind the Scenes with a check representing a portion of both firm’s design fees over the last year. This contribution marked HGLD’s sixth and Evoke Collaborative’s fourth annual donation to the charity.

HGLD provides lighting design for theater, live events, permanent installations, film, and television. Evoke Collaborative provides lighting design and content creation, as well as programming and supervision to theater, music, permanent installations, film, and television. Herrick Goldman founder HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative, said upon presenting the check, “I’ve been proud to support Behind the Scenes since I founded HG Lighting Design in 2006. When we created Evoke Collaborative in 2017 it was only logical to continue to support our favorite charity. Now we simply donate twice as much.”

Upon receiving the check, BTS Assistant Director of Cause Marketing, Emily Drew, commented, “We are immensely grateful for the consistent support of HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative as multiyear Pledge-of-Support Partners. It is because of donations like this that Behind the Scenes can continue to fulfill our mission year after year.”

Learn more about joining the Pledge-of-Support Program by naming a product or service to support the charity.

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Dave Cunningham Supports BTS with Major Donation

Inventor Dave Cunningham Supports BTS with Major Donation

Behind the Scenes is thrilled to announce it has received a major donation of $50,000 from legendary inventor Dave Cunningham, who stated, “I’ve been aware of the great work that Behind the Scenes has been doing over the past few years for individuals in need in the entertainment industry. I’m pleased to be able to contribute to that work this year!”

Over the last 40 years, Dave Cunningham has been one of the most prolific and creative inventors and product developers in the entertainment lighting industry. His work has resulted in milestone products from many major manufacturers. These include the first dimmer-per-circuit system with the CD-80 from Strand Lighting, along with the paradigm-changing Light Palette control console, which would become a new standard for control syntax in performance lighting. It is not an exaggeration to say that his inventions have positively affected the work of an entire industry for many years, and they continue to do so.

Perhaps the most successful long-term Cunningham product collaborations happened with ETC, where he was the inventive force behind the Sensor dimming system and the Source 4 ellipsoidal spotlight—the most successful entertainment fixture in history, with almost 4 million units in use today. Cunningham has continued to develop exciting and technically challenging products such as the S4WRD color LED retrofit for the Source 4. 

David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing at ETC, commented, “All of us at ETC are honored to have a long and prosperous relationship with Dave. He has made enormous contributions to the lighting tools used by the design and production community – and it’s appropriate that he now extends that contribution to include the direct needs of industry workers. Everyone at ETC applauds Dave’s contribution to BTS!”

Rick Rudolph, chair of the Behind the Scenes Board, added, “To those of us who grew up in the lighting industry, Dave Cunningham has been an iconic figure of vision and innovation providing products that have enhanced creativity and productivity for legions of designers, directors and workers. We are extraordinarily grateful to Dave for recognizing and supporting the work we are doing.”



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ACT Entertainment’s ACPD Brand Supports BTS

ACT Entertainment’s ACPD Brand Joins the
BTS Pledge-of-Support Program

Behind the Scenes is pleased to announce that AC Power Distribution (ACPD), a brand of ACT Entertainment, has joined our Pledge-of-Support Program. ACPD will contribute a portion of the profits from their new LunchBoxPD data and power distribution system to the charity.

ACT Entertainment is a leading supplier of entertainment industry products across six different end markets, including professional lighting and control equipment; audio, video, fiber and power distribution; cables; connectivity; metalwork; custom manufacturing; and design.

ACPD’s LunchBoxPD integrates power and data distribution into one device without compromising either.  The LunchBoxPD nodes offer four DMX ports to break out from an ethernet data network, while still allowing data to pass through. In doing so, it delivers CRMX wireless DMX data directly to a traditional lunchbox power solution, providing robust DMX throughput as well as six individually optically isolated outputs. Numerous power and data configurations can be achieved, all inside the durable, compact, and proven form factor of the LunchBox. The LunchBoxPD will be on display for the first time at LDI 2023.

When discussing Behind the Scenes’ Pledge-of-Support Program, AC Power Distribution Products Vice President James Davey stated, “BTS is an amazing organization providing much needed support when members of our industry need it most. We’re very proud to help support this worthy cause.”

Rick Rudolph, BTS Foundation Chair also commented, “Behind the Scenes is immensely pleased to have an industry leader like ACT Entertainment join our Pledge–of–Support Program. Their dedicated support is an integral part in sustaining our mission.”

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Wellness Lounge Presentations

Learn About Mental and Physical Wellbeing
at the BTS Wellness Lounge at LDI

As part of the Behind the Scenes (BTS) Mental Health Initiative, BTS and LDI are bringing the Wellness Lounge to LDI 2023, December 3-5 in Las Vegas. The Wellness Lounge offers attendees a safe space to learn about mental and physical health through daily presentations, activities, and one-on-one consultations. 

Each morning will start with Cup of Coffee Yoga where no experience, equipment, or special attire is required for a brief yoga practice with ETC’s VP of Marketing, David Lincecum. Immediately following, participants can sample the benefits of Breathing and Meditation with University of Tennessee Lighting Professor and licensed meditation instructor Kenton Yeager.

In the afternoons, all attendees are invited to experience short presentations by industry colleagues on a range of topics that can improve your mental and physical wellbeing:

  • Eddie Raymond will explain the importance of sleep in his talks on the Biology of Sleep and the Effects of Sleep Deprivation in the Entertainment Industry
  • Luther Bell and Molly Michelman will provide a Layperson’s Guide to Eating Healthier on the Road
  • David Lincecum will talk about strategies for Staying Sober at the Bar when you feel you have to go to network with colleagues or clients
  • Mickey Mazurowski will discuss using Physical Wellness and Pain Management to Support Your Mental Health and show Proper Stretching Techniques on the Job and In Your Life
  • Kenton Yeager will offer tips for Integrating Meditation Into Your Workday
  • Steven Michelman will provide an Introduction to Mental Health First Aid and discuss Strategies for Overcoming Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Challenges
  • Lori Rubinstein will provide an Overview of Tools and Resources offered through the Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative.

View the Wellness Lounge schedule and add these special events to your calendar. The presenters will also be available in the Lounge for one-on-one consultations throughout the day.

In addition, BTS is offering NARCAN® Overdose Prevention Training classes on December 3 and 4 through the There is No Hero In Heroin Foundation ( The training covers basic harm reduction principles, basic harm reduction techniques for those with active use, how to identify and respond to an opioid overdose, and how to administer Narcan®. At the end of each free training, certificates of completion and an Overdose Response kit with 2 Nasal Narcan® doses will be provided to all participants. Classes will be offered on Sunday and Monday at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Attendance is limited so stop by the Lounge to sign up for your preferred time.

Attendees can stop by the lounge anytime and visit the Behind the Scenes team to learn about the Mental Health Initiative’s extensive tools and resources and receive valuable information to share with their companies, on the jobsite, or at their union hall.

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Wellness Lounge Special Activities

Behind the Scenes Wellness Lounge Special Activities
and Shine a Light Campaign At LDI

As part of the Behind the Scenes (BTS) Mental Health Initiative, BTS and LDI are bringing the Wellness Lounge to LDI 2023, December 3-5 in Las Vegas. In addition to daily presentations and one-on-one consultations on mental and physical wellness there are a number of special activities:

Networking Coffee and Mocktails: Join us each  morning in the Wellness Lounge for coffee and pastries sponsored by LDI and EPS and on Sunday and Monday from 5-6pm for mocktails and non-alcoholic beer sponsored by EPS. Get together with your colleagues and chat with our presenters in a relaxed, safe space.

Mental Health First Aid Training – Tuesday: This day-long class gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support by taking the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations, teaching you how to listen nonjudgmentally and give reassurance, and how to refer a person to appropriate professional support. Advance registration required.

Rise and Shine 5K Run/Walk – Sunday 7:30-8:30am: Join your colleagues for a meaningful stride towards positive mental health and substance use support at the annual 5K  to benefit Behind the Scenes. Lace up your running shoes and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference.

Holiday Shopping: The BTS Boutique will feature unique industry and ghostlight themed holiday cards and decorations. Support Behind the Scenes and spread holiday cheer to family and friends.

Shine a Light Campaign: BTS and LDI invite all exhibitors and attendees to join our “We’re Shining a Light on Mental Health” campaign to help reduce the stigma and encourage people to speak openly about mental health and substance use issues. The booth staff of exhibitors supporting the campaign will be wearing a “We’re Shining a Light on Mental Health” button and attendees can pick up their own at the Wellness Lounge. Join these leading exhibitors who are supporting the campaign: 7th Sense, ACT Entertainment, CBI Cables, Chauvet, ETC, GLP,  IATSE, iWeiss, Rosco, Spotrack, Texas Scenic Company, Vari-Light, and Vectorworks by contacting BTS Executive Director Lori Rubinstein at [email protected].