The 2020 LRLR Autumn Extravaganza

Greg "Chrome" Williams and Wayne "Razz" Rasmussen

The Long Reach Long Riders (LRLR) and Behind the Scenes announce the LRLR 2020 Autumn Extravaganza – a bonus ride to help those who need it most. 

The Autumn Extravaganza is a one-time event and will feature 2 members of the original LRLR, Greg “Chrome” Williams and Wayne “Razz” Rasmussen, riding in all 48 contiguous states over 10 consecutive days.  The ride, which will be “Iron Butt” certified, begins in Kittery, Maine on October 17th and ends in Missoula, Montana on October 26th. Along the way the intrepid duo will be joined by other veteran members of the LRLR.  To date over a dozen riders have signed up to ride for at least part of the route.

Lori Rubinstein, BTS Executive Director, noted, “Rather than sponsor a particular rider, we’re asking supporters to make a pledge per mile.  It can be a penny, a quarter or any amount you wish.  The Autumn Extravaganza will cover 7,170 miles.”

Autumn Extravaganza organizer Greg Williams commented, “These are extraordinary times and we felt an extraordinary ride was needed.  This ride will continue to support the Behind the Scenes charity and help it carry out its mission, ‘To provide financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals, or their immediate dependent family, in need due to serious illness or injury’.  The ride will also support the BTS Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.” 

As it is with the traditional LRLR rides, the riders will pay all of their expenses.  100% of your donation will go to the Behind the Scenes charity.

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