#BeThe1To Help Save a Life

The Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative has rolled out a number of suicide prevention tools as part of joining the #BeThe1To campaign run by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and its partners. These tools are available at btshelp.org/bethe1to.

Our survey of the industry revealed that most people want to help if they see someone at risk for suicide but they don’t know what to say or do, or are afraid they will make things worse or damage their relationship with the person. Evidence shows this is not the case and it is critical to reach out.

The first part of the campaign is called “Know the Warnings Signs” because the more familiar someone is with the warning signs of suicide the more likely they are to recognize them. We have created posters listing some of the key warning signs in English, Spanish and French and they are available for download in 3 different sizes. The posters are a very simple design so they can be easily printed out and posted on call boards, notice boards, breakrooms, and anywhere other company or safety information is shown.

The second part of the campaign is the #BeThe1To poster which lists the five steps that can be critical to saving a life. The more familiar everyone is with them, the more comfortable they will be taking those steps. These posters are available in the same sizes and languages with the addition of a JPG for sharing on social media. They also include a QR code which leads to additional information. Each of the five steps is very straightforward but acting on them can sometimes be daunting. This additional information provides guidance and practical examples for each of the steps and is available as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation.

During these difficult times for our industry, when so many are dealing with anxiety or depression and struggling to maintain their mental and emotional health, it’s important that everyone takes the time to become familiar with this information. Learn how to recognize the signs of distress and what you can do to help save a life.