Meet Some of Our Grant Recipients

April Lanci

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to be exact. I was scared beyond any words I could ever express accurately. You never really understand how an illness effects your life and your family’s life. I had to stop working just to keep up with all of my doctors appointments & when I wasn’t scheduled to see a doctor, I was simply too sick to get out bed. My life became completely about my illness. I had some income, but it was just enough to keep up with the doctors’ bills & deductibles. The bills were piling up.

A friend of mine suggested I reach out to ‘Behind the Scenes’, a charity for people working in our industry. I needed some help and I just did not know where to turn. I needed a miracle. Behind the Scenes was my miracle. They were so kind and so helpful. They paid my mortgage which helped keep our heads above water in during a very trying time. They made it so easy. I can never express how truly grateful me and my family are for what they did for us. It was truly humbling.