Types of Grants

Behind the Scenes has three types of grants (click on the name of the grant to apply):

  1. The Basic Needs Grant
    For entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured and are seeking assistance with basic living expenses (such as rent or mortgage, property taxes, utilities, insurance and transportation) or for medical expenses (including health insurance, doctor and hospital bills, medication, physical therapy, home health care, and medical equipment.This grant is also appropriate if the eligible person has an immediate, dependent family member who is seriously ill or injured.
  2. The Counseling Grant
    For entertainment technology professionals who would like to initiate or support ongoing counseling or participate in an in-patient or out-patient chemical dependency recovery program. Grants are issued directly to the recipient’s self-selected provider, which must be a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, mental health facility, emergency medical facility, or chemical dependency recovery facility.
  3. The Funeral Assistance Grant
    For immediate family members of an entertainment technology professional who has passed away and assistance with funeral costs is needed.