Learn How to Safely Intervene to Stop Workplace Bullying


The Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative is partnering with the social justice organization Right to Be in offering free, virtual webinars training entertainment industry professionals to safely intervene during instances of bullying or harassment in the workplace. The 2024 Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Industry webinars will be held on January 22nd, April 21st and July 22nd. The webinars, sponsored by the IATSE, are free but pre-registration is required at btshelp.org/bystander.

Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Industry is offered through the Mental Health Initiative’s Stop Bullying campaign. The campaign was launched 2021 in response to bullying, harassment, and intimidation being common workplace stressors throughout the entertainment industry. Attendees of the webinars leave the trainings equipped to safely intervene using the tools they have learned if they witness disrespect or harassment at work.

The Stop Bullying campaign also provides additional resources to assist industry professionals in reducing harassment and intimidation in the workplace. These resources include a poster to raise awareness of words, actions and behaviors that constitute bullying; information for those who are targets of, or bystanders to bullying behavior; information to empower individuals to Be Informed, Be Aware, Show Support, and Take Action; and a sample policy and procedures to identify, investigate and resolve instances of bullying, harassment or intimidation and to provide support to those who experience these behaviors.