BTS Seeks Therapist Recommendations for the
Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder

EITF Call for Therapists 700

In Fall 2019, the Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative conducted an online survey to better gauge the mental health needs of entertainment industry members. BTS received an unprecedented response highlighting their experience and a common complaint was how difficult it is to find a therapist who knows anything about the entertainment industry’s unique culture, rigors and stressors.

In response, BTS created the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder (EITF) specifically for our community of industry colleagues. The Finder only includes mental health professionals who have personal experience in our industry and/or have worked with entertainment industry professionals and are familiar with their unique pressures.

To make this program an even more valuable resource for the industry, we need your help. If you or a family member know of a mental health professional you think will add value to the Finder, please send their name and email to [email protected] and BTS will provide them with information and sign-up details.

Mental health professionals who register with the EITF will complete a questionnaire that includes areas of specialty, payment/fees (sliding scale and insurance), and virtual or in-person sessions. This ensures those seeking counseling find the best possible match for their needs.

To access the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder go to Visit to see all the available tools and resources in our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.