HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative Continue to Support BTS

Lighting Designer Herrick Goldman, principal of HG Lighting Design, and Kara O’Grady of Evoke Collaborative recently presented Behind the Scenes with a check representing a portion of both firm’s design fees over the last year. This contribution marked HGLD’s sixth and Evoke Collaborative’s fourth annual donation to the charity.

HGLD provides lighting design for theater, live events, permanent installations, film, and television. Evoke Collaborative provides lighting design and content creation, as well as programming and supervision to theater, music, permanent installations, film, and television. Herrick Goldman founder HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative, said upon presenting the check, “I’ve been proud to support Behind the Scenes since I founded HG Lighting Design in 2006. When we created Evoke Collaborative in 2017 it was only logical to continue to support our favorite charity. Now we simply donate twice as much.”

Upon receiving the check, BTS Assistant Director of Cause Marketing, Emily Drew, commented, “We are immensely grateful for the consistent support of HG Lighting Design and Evoke Collaborative as multiyear Pledge-of-Support Partners. It is because of donations like this that Behind the Scenes can continue to fulfill our mission year after year.”

Learn more about joining the Pledge-of-Support Program by naming a product or service to support the charity.