ETC’s Donations to BTS Reach a Major Milestone

In June of 2009 ETC launched a new app that would revolutionize lighting control by turning people’s Apple handhelds into miniature lighting controllers. From the very beginning, ETC decided that all profits from sales of the iRFR (Radio Focus Remote) and later the aRFR for Android apps would be donated to charity. On Friday at the 2023 USITT Show, ETC presented Behind the Scenes with a check for $39,599 bringing the total donated to the charity to over half a million dollars.

The iRFR and aRFR mobile apps enable convenient, touchscreen-based remote control for Eos family consoles and controllers. You can learn more about the apps from the ETC website and download them from the iTunes or Google Play stores. 

David Lincecum, ETC’s Vice President of Marketing, commented, “Many of us are drawn to work in the entertainment technology industry because of its strong sense of community. Behind the Scenes has long been at the heart of this community, providing important financial support and mental health resources for our friends and colleagues. ETC employee owners are proud to contribute to this meaningful work.”

Rick Rudolph, Chair of Behind the Scenes accepted the check along with other members of the Board of Directors. Rick commented, “This milestone is truly remarkable. When ETC first told us about this initiative we never dreamed it would reach half a million dollars. That money has allowed us to help so many of our colleagues in need: keeping a roof over their heads, heat and lights turned on, food on their table, prescriptions filled, and doctor’s appointments kept. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the employee owners of ETC and to all those who have downloaded the app over the years. Your generosity has brought help and hope to so many during some of their darkest times.”

Learn more about joining the Pledge-of-Support Program by naming a product or service to support the charity or contact Emily Drew at [email protected].