BTS Offers Webinar on Understanding Substance Use and Abuse

Most of us know someone who is affected by substance use and abuse. This can include concerns about our own use – or the usage of a coworker, family member or friend. Join Behind the Scenes for an online webinar as they introduce new resources for recognizing and discussing substance use and abuse in the workplace and beyond. Members of the BTS task group introduce these new tools and share personal experiences in this concise online event.

Substance use and abuse in the workplace affects everyone in our industry.

Learn more about recognizing the signs and how to help yourself or a colleague. Taking just one hour to learn more can save lives by allowing you to say the right thing – or point someone to the right resources.

In a 2019 survey of entertainment industry workers, over 40% of respondents said they had experienced alcohol or substance misuse. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the anxiety, fear, uncertainty, stress, and isolation experienced by so many in our industry significantly increased those numbers. Many of us saw ourselves or colleagues, friends, or family members turn to substances as a way to cope with the disruption in our lives. Many found recovery could be difficult to sustain.

Behind the Scenes recently announced the launch of a website to provide resources for industry professionals to answer questions about alcohol and substance use and abuse. It offers information about how to spot the signs of misuse in yourself or others and the potential long term effects. There is practical guidance on getting help for yourself as well as how you can respond if you are concerned about a co-worker or friend. It also addresses situations where you may be concerned about someone you report to or someone who reports to you. Tips are provided on how to have a conversation with someone you are concerned about as well as on coping and self-care. Visit to learn more.