ETC’s iRFR and aRFR Apps – Continuing to Care for the Industry

ETC presented Behind the Scenes with a check during USITT for $40,316.27
representing the 2020-21 proceeds from sales of the company’s iRFR and aRFR (Radio Focus Remote) applications. Since the launch of the iRFR in 2009, ETC’s mobile app sales have now generated over $440,000 in donations.

The iRFR and aRFR mobile apps enable convenient, touchscreen-based remote control for Eos family consoles and controllers. You can learn more about the apps from the ETC website and download them from the iTunes or Google Play stores. 

Upon presenting the check, David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing for ETC, stated, “ETC is honored to play a role in Behind the Scenes, but we are just the vehicle. The money we give comes entirely from the buyers of our iRFR and aRFR apps. The real thank you goes to the many Eos family users for their continued participation and support.”

Tracey Cosgrove, accepted the check along with other members of the Behind the Scenes Board of Directors. Tracey commented, “We continue to be astonished by, and extremely grateful for, the popularity of these apps and the generosity of ETC. From providing funding for grants for our colleagues in need to supporting the work of the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative, ETC has been fundamental to our ability to carry out our mission.”

Learn more about joining the Pledge-of-Support Program by naming a product or service to support the charity.