The 2020 Long Reach Long Riders Relay Ride Across the US

How best to celebrate the amazing life of a founding member of the LRLR, especially in a year already filled with more plot twists and emotional rollercoaster rides than the worst sophomoric bodice-ripping trash novel? 

With a relay ride of course, all the way across the US. A relay ride featuring (what else??) an oversized kazoo. Just the type of adventure we believe Cris “Brooklyn” Dopher would be proud to join. This year we’ll carry his memory with us as we cross the country. 

We hope you’ll consider joining us for a day or two if you can, and more importantly we hope you’ll consider supporting the riders as they pay their own way on the various legs of the relay while raising desperately needed charity funds. 

Starting in California on June 17th and ending at the easternmost point in the US in Lubec, Maine on July 2nd, this year’s route has it all – Pacific Coast Highway, beautiful desert, mountain ranges of both the Rockies and the Appalachians, Green mountains of Vermont, and the rugged coast of Maine, with a whole lot of Nebraska and Iowa thrown in for good measure!

16 days is a long stretch, but we hope it will give several people an opportunity to join us for a day or two who might otherwise not have had the chance. Each leg of the relay will be led by an experienced LRLR member. 

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