Industry Businesses Find Creative Ways to Support Behind the Scenes

Two industry businesses, LiteGear and Blue Planet Lighting, have found creative ways to provide employment and support Behind the Scenes, which continues to provide grants to entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured and to develop the new Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.

LiteGear, a BTS Pledge-a-Product Partner, has launched their Donate, Support and Save Program which includes donating N95 masks, reminding their customers that every purchase of a LiteMat Kit supports Behind the Scenes, and offering weekly specials on some of their most popular products. Considered an essential business in California because they service the media industry, LiteGear has been able to keep their staff employed and is working hard to continue their ongoing support for Behind the Scenes.

Blue Planet Lighting wanted to do something to help all the freelance production personnel who suddenly found themselves unemployed and unable to generate any income. With their primary focus being sales and service, Blue Planet has made an offer to the industry to hire, on a commission basis, anyone who wants to reach out to venues in their area who may be using this time to purchase new equipment or complete maintenance and repairs. Once a lead is generated, Blue Planet will create a quote and if a sale is finalized the individual will receive a large commission and a percentage will be donated to Behind the Scenes.

Rick Rudolph, Chair of Behind the Scenes, commented, “We are so appreciative of the support offered by LiteGear and Blue Planet Lighting during this extremely difficult time for our industry. Unfortunately, serious illness and injury do not stop because of Covid-19 and these individuals are now more vulnerable than ever. In addition, the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative is even more urgently needed now and our volunteers and staff are working hard to roll out resources and programs as quickly as possible.”