Evoke Collaborative Supports BTS with First Pledge-of-Service Donation

Evoke Collaborative’s Jonathan Talley, Herrick Goldman, Kara O’Grady Aves, and Lois Gordon

Members of Evoke Collaborative recently presented the Behind the Scenes charity with a check representing a portion of the firm’s design fees over the last year, representing their first donation as a BTS Pledge-a-Service Partner.

Evoke is a team of skilled designers, creators, managers, and programmers that help their clients tell stories that resonate in the arts and live event community. Evoke Collaborative provides lighting design and content creation, as well as programming and supervision to theater, music, permanent installations, film, and television. www.EvokeCollaborative.com

Upon presenting the check, Kara O’Grady stated, “Evoke Collaborative is pleased to make this first of many donations in support of our friends around the industry through Behind the Scenes.”

Upon receiving the check, BTS Foundation Chair Rick Rudolph commented, “We are so pleased that Evoke Collaborative has joined us as a Pledge-a-Service Partner. As their name implies, they clearly understand one of the core tenets of our industry – working collaboratively to create an experience and working collaboratively to care for our colleagues in need.”