Toolbox Talks and Helpful One-Sheets

Talking About Mental Health With Your Crew

It is important to acknowledge the mental and physical stressors and challenges faced by all of us in the entertainment industry and offer your team tools to help them better manage and respond to these challenges. We know that the last months in particular have been very stressful and returning to work is bringing a new set of concerns for everyone. Many people are struggling with anxiety, grief, feeling overwhelmed, inability to concentrate, changes in appetite or sleep, changes in drinking or substance use patterns, or others issues affecting daily functioning.

We suggest topics and provide sample language that you can tailor to fit your needs. We also offer brief 90 second to 2 minute pre-written talks. This information is meant to be incorporated into your current safety or toolbox talks and is not meant to replace other safety briefings.

Check out these new “One-Sheets” you can hand out or post for your team. Let them know you support their mental health and want to normalize the topic of mental health and wellness in the workplace.

But first, why is it important to talk about mental health and psychological safety?

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Good mental health improves PRODUCTIVITY

Workers who are experiencing distress either from issues in the workplace or at home can be distracted to the point of creating a hazard. Having resources to deal with these stressors can help maintain a safer workplace and improve productivity.

Leaders talking about mental health DE-STIGMATIZES it

Lead by example. If you talk about mental health without shame or fear of reprisal, they can too. By incorporating language about mental health into your toolbox talk, you are making clear that workers’ mental health and psychological safety are equal priorities. This conversation encourages workers to feel safe discussing mental health concerns in the workplace - a key part of a safe job site.

Discussing the organization’s COMMITMENT to mental health and wellness lets people know it is important to the organization

Communicating the organization’s commitment to creating a positive mental health work environment provides a sense of safety and encourages people to take their own mental health seriously, as well as to support their co-workers.

Offering anonymous ways of seeking support fosters the sense of SECURITY you are trying to create

No matter how supportive an organization is, people might still feel self-conscious about sharing personal issues or struggles in the workplace. Protecting confidentiality encourages people to speak up.

Encouraging feedback and suggestions to improve the mental health environment raises AWARENESS and PARTICIPATION

Provide verbal, electronic and written mechanisms for both anonymous or signed feedback and suggestions.


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