Entertainment Industry Assistance Organizations for Canadians

Each of these organizations has its own criteria for who they are able to assist and its own application process. Please review their website, email or call the organization directly to see if you qualify.

The AFC (formerly the Actors' Fund of Canada)

[email protected]

Helps Canadian entertainment professionals maintain their health, dignity and ability to work. Assists entertainment professionals working in all aspects of film and TV, music, theatre and dance.

Behind the Scenes Foundation

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Provides financial assistance for basic living or medical expenses to entertainment technology professionals, or their immediate dependent family members, who are seriously ill or injured. Grants are also available for entertainment technology professionals who would like to initiate or support ongoing counseling or participate in an in-patient or out-patient recovery program.

Over the Bridge
A non-profit organization changing the conversation about mental health and recovery in the music community while providing a compassionate environment in which our members can thrive. Through us, they’re able to find the support or resources they need to move towards mental health and recovery.
Unison Benevolent Fund


A charity that provides counseling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community. We are here to help professional music makers in times of hardship, illness or economic difficulties.

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