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  • Engaging in denigrating or derogatory humor
  • Spreading harmful rumors, gossip, or inuendo
  • Ridiculing or belittling someone; including their ideas or behavior
  • Aggressive behavior involving profanity, shouting, verbal abuse, or obscene gestures
  • Unsolicited commenting on a person’s identity, beliefs, or appearance
  • Targeting an individual through persistent, unwarranted criticism
  • Sending abusive, denigrating or derogatory e-mails, text messages or
    social media content
  • Displaying denigrating or derogatory racial, religious or sexual materials


  • Invading personal space
  • Misusing authority, power or position against an individual or group
  • Engaging in any uninvited physical contact
  • Excluding, isolating, or victimizing someone
  • Failing to safeguard confidential information
  • Intimidating, silencing or marginalizing someone by repeatedly talking over them
  • Preventing an individual or group from being seen and/or heard
  • Making unwarranted threats or comments about job security
  • Tampering with a person’s personal or work-related belongings
  • Engaging in physical, verbal, or written intimidation, threats, or abuse
  • Making unwelcome advances or displaying suggestive behavior
  • Making decisions on the basis of advances being accepted or rejected

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