Cyberbullying Resources

Heartmob (founded by Right To Be)
An online community dedicated to helping those experiencing online harassment.
Resources include:
  • What is cyberbullying and what are the different forms
  • How to respond and document
  • Platform specific guides to staying safe on social media
  • Bystander intervention tools
  • Self-care
  • Share your story and get community support from HeartMobbers
Nonprofit committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online. Resources include:
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • AI chat to identify resources, advice, and tools
  • Ongoing research and free archive of reports

Cyberbullying Research Center
An educational resource center dedicated to identifying, preventing, and responding more effectively to cyberbullying, sexting, digital dating abuse, and related harms. Resources include:

  • Clickable map, by state, of laws relating to cyberharassment
  • Resources specifically for adult victims including downloadable PDFs on preventing and responding to cyberbullying
  • Extensive list of  organizations providing guidance and help for victims

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health (CCOHS)
Cyberbullying resources include:

  • Why cyberbullying is a workplace issue
  • Examples to identify cyberbullying
  • Prevention techniques
  • Guidance on responding

Articles and Research Reports for further information:


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